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51 Lenovo YN520

Lenovo Y520-15IKBN Y-Series Gaming Notebook Review

  1. About the Lenovo YN520 and rest of the legion
  2. External Overview
  3. External Overview
  4. Internal Overview
  5. Utility Impressions and Keyboard Testing
  6. How it’s tested??
  7. Power and Noise Level Testing
  8. Futuremark Benchmarks
  9. Game Benchmarks
  10. Unigine Benchmark
  11. Storage Benchmarks
  12. System Boot Test
  13. Conclusion
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Display and Keyboard Overview

The Lenovo Y520 uses LG LP 156WF6-SPK3 LED-backlit LCD panel, a typical 15.6-inch 1080p display with eighty-degree viewing angle and 60 Hz refresh rate. This is an AH-IPS panel. The keyboard is a chiclet design. Each key has red accents and fonts, which additional red-ness for the WASD key. There is a three-level backlit LED which is also red.

Viewing Angles

The quality of the display is good enough for a 15.6” notebook display. What I did like were the horizontal and vertical viewing angles. The colour does look dull if the angle of the screen tilted more or less than you would need to use. Still, the viewing angles are good so that’s good enough. 1080p is good enough for a GTX 1050 Ti.

Keyboard Design and Features

Chiclet keyboards are something I cannot get used to, no matter who makes it or how many times I use it. The midsection does not flex during typing, typically a trait that happens in many low-cost notebooks. There are additional functions mapped on the keyboard which can be toggled using the dedicated function key. Some of the keyboard functions are to lower/increase/mute volume, mute microphone, disable/enable trackpad, toggle between monitors, keyboard lock and adjusting the screen brightness. There’s also an aeroplane mode which disconnects WiFi and Bluetooth wireless function.

The power button is placed towards the top right side of the keyboard.

Keyboard Backlit

There are two locks (Numlock and Capslock) each with an indicator on the key. The keyboard has two level brightness level for the red LED backlit. All the keys are evenly lit with no bleeding from the corner of the keycaps.

Hinge Design

A damaged hinge on notebooks is fairly common for many users but I feel usually this happens on notebooks whose hinges are on either side. With the Lenovo Y520, it is in the centre section so it should be more balanced.

Webcam and Trackpad

The webcam is a 720p resolution with two microphone array on each side.

The trackpad is offset from the centre towards the left. This might be odd but it was also present on the Lenovo Y700. The surrounding area, buttons and the red accent on the trackpad are glossy. Not something I would like as with many people but this is more of a preference. I would have liked to see dedicated keycap for left/right clicks. The trackpad is matte finish but over time it does collect smudges from your fingers. The trackpad is from Synaptics. Some of the keys are mapped for Lenovo’s utility.

Power Brick

The DC Watt output is not mentioned in the AC adapter, but its model number is ADL135NLC3A and its made by Liteon.

Ease of Maintenance

As said earlier, there is an air filter at the underside which can be removed. Removing is not as straightforward as removing all the screws. The plastic underside is clipped to the rest of the notebook. If you plan to open it, you’ll have to carefully pry out unclipping one at a time. The best way is to first pry from the USB side as its connector does not have a metal body typically in traditional USB ports. Once you pry out all three sides (front, left and right) it is easy to slide out.

Apart from the filter, there are two pieces of foam which provide additional support and acts as a dampener for the mechanical drive.

The Lenovo Y520 uses a combination of brass and metal threads for holding the screws of the casing. This is good as unscrewing and re-screwing the casing with plastic threads will simply shave it, rendering it unusable.

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