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Logitech introduces G series peripherals

Logitech rebranded its gaming peripherals with the newer logo and newer model lineup for their gaming peripherals with the “S” suffix. As of now, they’ve introduced G100s ($39) G400s ($59), G500s ($69) and G700s ($99) gaming mice. G700s also has a wired/wireless combo.



There will be 2 gaming keyboards introduced under this lineup: G19s and G510s, however, it seems that Logitech is sticking to membrane rather than switching to much appreciated Cherry MX mechanical switches that manufacturers like Coolermaster have.


G430 and G230 are 2 newer branded headsets along with the rest of the refresh. G430 comes with a USB audio dongle and is a 7.1 channel surround sound and even be compatible with mac, whereas G230 is a stripped down basic stereo support version.

The best part about the peripheral maker is that all of their devices use common drivers, something that many gaming peripheral manufacturers such as Coolermaster or Razer don’t have it- yet. As of now, Logitech plans to launch this newer branded gaming peripherals in April 2013 in U.S. and May 2013 in Europe.

It is not clear when will they release the newer gaming peripheral lineups. It shouldn’t be too long since they have listed the actual products and its features. Logitech does have a long and reliable history of making a series of gaming peripherals. This core phisolophy applied at the time when Logitech did not have a direct gaming branding, such as the MX series mouse.

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  1. Oh logitech, Y U NO MECHA KEYS???

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