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Mechanical HDD failure rate on the rise, according to BackBlaze

Backblaze started its reports stating that they now have 34,881 mechanical hard drives and stored over 100 petabytes of data. Earlier, they posted the HDD reliability report in January. Now, they have released a new report saying that most of their HDDs are continuing to perform well.

blog-fail-drives-backblaze september 2014

However, by their experience they’ve found that Seagate 3TB drives’ failure rates have increased from 9% to 15%. WD’s 3TB HDDs also faces failure rate increasing from 4% to 7%, but still a lot less all things considered.

All of the Hitachi drives, followed by Seagate 1.5TB and 4TB drives, followed by WD 1TB drives are performing the same way as they did on January. Earlier, they did test on enterprise-class HDDs and have observed that the failure rate of such drives are similar to that of consumer-class HDDs. BlackBlaze specified that their out of their Seagate 3TB models, Barracuda 7200.14 RPM models are facing problems, but Barracuda XT is doing better will lesser than half of its failure rate. This trend is similar to that of Barracuda 7200.11 RPM 1.5TB drives, but the Barracuda LP 1.5TB is doing well.

failure rate table sept 2014 backblaze

All things considered, BlackBlaze concludes that despite the failures, the consumer-class drives that are working so far are performing well. Therefore, its turning out to be a cost-effective solution for them to provide its online backup service.

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