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Microsoft ‘illumiRoom’ Project extends the video game projection beyond your TV Screen

Microsoft Research is currently working on ‘illumiRoom’ project which is aimed towards turning your room into a part of the gaming experience which extends beyond your television screen. The prototype was shown during Computer Human Interaction conference in Paris.

The prototype works by using Microsoft’s Kinect Sensor from an angle which allows wide digital projection somewhere on the middle of its projection and align with the game display on the TV which will make the illusion that the game is being displayed beyond your TV screen. The sensor will scans the room and adjust the imaging according to the room by taking furniture, geometry and others factors in a room. Once this is done, the projector will put up the illusions by using 3D informational and colours and then displays the surrounding environment of the gameplay which will extend you experience beyond your TV screen.

Microsoft still has this under testing, so its not working with any game developers yet, but this will be made as an out-of-the-box solution.

Hrvoje Benko, a researcher for Microsoft Research added that this technology can also be applied on other media, such as movies and TV. But he also added that one of the potential challenge for game developers to use this technology is to create complementary content to be projected on the room, exactly as it should be, and some of the more effective illusions are more about timing.

During the demo, researchers showed a grenade bouncing of the TV screen and showing the illusion that its rolling on the living room and then under the coffee table.

Once this technology is perfect, made feasible and when/if game developers are able to make content to exploit such technology, the future of gaming experience extends beyond your panels for extra fun!

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