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MikeCDM takes #1 spot in PCMark 05 at OCN N20C


USA based extreme overclocker MikeCDM from Team Pure taken over the sweet #1 overall spot in PCMark 05 leaderboard during Overclock.net’s OCN N20C live overclocking event which was organized in Farmington, Missouri. MikeCDM secured 65255 Marks with Core i7 Intel 3770K clocked at 6588 MHz. He secured #1 ranking in HWBot World PCMark 05 record, 4X CPU rank on PCMark 05 and i7 3770K rank in PCMark 05 leaderboard. Mike used G Skill Pi rams 4GB @ 1,276MHz 12-8-28 with ASRock Z77 OC Formula, MSI Radeon HD 7970, Areca ARC-1261ML-2Gb RAID Card and 2x Samsung 840 Pro SSDs.

PCMark is a benchmark utility by Futuremark which assess and scores your PC system performance. As you would imagine, with extreme overclocking you would get a better score and as a result, establish a record. Setting a record at a live event is a unique achievement as the overclocker would not know how potent the chip might be. It will be interesting to see more live overclocking tournaments as it truly displays the out-of-the-box skills of an extreme overclocker. You can make the best scores if you have the best of products with the ability to scale high with overclocks. But in live tournaments, it is down to the skill of the person.


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