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MSI isn’t selling its gaming notebook business

The company exploring legal options for the rumour

A Taiwan-based news source posted a news earlier that Lenovo is in talks with MSI to acquiring the gaming notebook division. It was said that its undisclosed sources said that Lenovo is interested to boost its gaming notebook business, and at the same time the Taiwan-based company would sell its gaming notebook business because of increasing amount of gaming notebook OEMs.

The company declared the rumours of Lenovo buying out its gaming notebook business as clear as one can possibly say. Andy Tung, the company’s president, said in a statement, “In regards to the rumours circulating about [a] Lenovo and MSI acquisition, MSI is not in talk with Lenovo to sell the MSI Gaming Notebook business”.

The company also said that they are finding the source of these rumours and even considering taking legal actions. Mr Tung continued,“We are currently seeking the source of this false information and reserve the right to take any legal action”.

While it may make sense in some ways for Lenovo to buy out this gaming notebook division, it doesn’t make sense for them to even consider that option. As of now, the gaming notebook business has intense competition between Dell’s Alienware, Asus’ ROG notebooks, MSI and Lenovo gaming notebook lineups. But despite head-to-head competition, it doesn’t look like anyone is going have a garage sale yet.

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