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MSI and Gigabyte released its Z77 motherboards

MSI and Gigabyte did a recent update and put up their newer flagship model: MSI’s Z77 MPOWER and Gigabyte’s Z77X-UP7 motherboard.

Keeping aside “OC certified” Motherboard, MSI’s Z77 MPower Motherboard comes with 16 CPU phase with the usual Dr MOS II, SFC (Super Ferrite Capacitors, as MSI, calls it) and all solid capacitors. As pointed out in the picture below, there are voltage checkpoints for you to connect your multimeter and there’s an extra 6 pin PCIe connector next to the 24 pin motherboard connector to provide extra power for the graphics cards.


Gigabyte has gone with an insane number of phase counts (32 for the CPU alone) for their Z77X-UP7


Gigabyte emphasized on one fuse per USB port, but this is something that Gigabyte has been doing quietly for a very long time- even somewhere before the Gigabyte X58 UD3R/Older Rev versions of 890GPA UD3H walked around.

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