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MSI India’s business operations handled by Taiwan management, RMA is still handled by Digicare


Many of the readers have asked if MSI has shut down their operations in India, especially those who need to RMA their MSI branded products, especially graphic card and motherboard lineups.

Things became a little bit more concerning when MSI India’s portal was re-directing to MSI Global’s website. Sending a mail to one of the known contacts in MSI India help, but thanks to an MSI contact from another country, the following reply has arrived:

Recently we have restructured our Indian operation. Accordingly we will be directly handling India business through MSI HQ in Taiwan.

Regret for any inconvenience caused during this time of change.

Local service ofcourse will remain as it is that is through Digicare.

Do note that re-structuring is not as same as shutting. Although the brand service and RMA will be handled, its only the business part of it will be handled by Continent/World head office, in MSI’s case is Taiwan. RMA will still be handled by Digicare.


  1. ok, that’s better. 🙂

  2. they are shutting down. they don't want to admit it because it will be a massive blow to MSI as a brand, but they have made plans to leave. You want proof? why doesn't reveal the fact that many of their India management have quit their jobs? why is this coming up after the end of Q1 2013? Its because MSI is making lot of changes in APAC region. no difference from XFX's exit from India. These guys just can't do anything against Asus and Gigabyte duopoly. If anyone can make a dent in GPU market, its definately Zotac.

    The dealers and distris MAYBE responsible as well. the companies wants to make a scene in the public that its the distris who ditched them even when they’re not especially at the time when they don’t get profit margins. Company always deny saying that they’ve not said it. That’s where regional managers comes in. In the middle of chaos, no consumers knows who is doing what and decide to ditch the brand. Its a fact that Acro/smc has a habit of trolling consumers/ buyers/ sellers/ companies. but ofcourse, nothing escapes the internet. don't always believe in official response. it is not true.

    cant blame msi either. they thought that being associated with a person, it will save their brand but it did more harm than good. infact there's already talks within dealers and distris that a group in delhi and kolkata will promote them as long as they send samples and even freebies at some point…

    if anyone values their money, they should not invest in MSI. Guarunteed they're cutting losses and making a silent escape. as it is msi sucks when it comes to VRM and power delivery. they even bypass the protection circuits in the reference design as well.

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