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msi 660Ti

MSI releases N660Ti PE 2GD5/OC and N660Ti PE 2GD5

Although they haven’t given a price update (yet), MSI says that Power Edition card comes with Triple over voltage and enhanced enhanced PWM design that boosts overclocking potential upto 18.2%.

The card comes with Twin Frozr IV cooler that it gives 14 degrees cooler and 17.1dB quieter compared to reference counterparts. To those who don’t know, Twin Frozr IV comes with their proprietary dust removal where the fans automatically runs the other way at start-up to optimize cooling performance.

adv specs

Also, MSI states that their Graphic cards come with Military Class III components with Tantalum Core Hi-c Capacitors, 30% more powerful SFC and Solid capacitors, ensuring longer life on their cards.

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