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MSI shows how (not) to put a Gaming PC together

Armed with An MSI Z87-GD65 motherboard with one of their lightning series GPU, an Intel Processor, Couple of Kingston HyperX Beast memory sticks and HyperX 3K SSD, CM PSU, AIO CPU cooler Seidon 120XL, MSI Gaming series themed Scout 2 Case. But rather than having someone who knows how to properly assemble a system together, MSI preferred to get a model who doesn’t seem to be knowing what she is doing- or getting proper instructions, but the show must go on as she carelessly handles processors, GPU, memory stick, improperly mounting the AIO CPU cooler’s waterblock on the motherboard.

One would not expect such instructional from a company that makes motherboards and graphic cards for a living, but alas, it did happen. All prepped up with vague instructions and bad lip-sync dubbing works.

Now before people say that I am being too harsh, that I should expect such lulz on a marketing video and look at the bigger picture, they need to take a look at things themselves before judging anything.

Improperly holding the processor, memory kits, graphic card and to make things worse, the way the Seidon 120XL was mounted is good enough to teach people how to potentially screw up your investment before you power it on.

If MSI marketing team’s motive was to provide something to ‘enjoy’ about, having a disclaimer on the start wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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