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MSI Stealth Courtesy BSN

MSI Stealth chassis catches fire during testing by BSN

Bright Side of News posted a preview of their review of a case that reminds me that doing reviews with extremely limited hardware,  lack of support from some brands making certain hardware(and to appreciate the help that I get from brands from time to time- such as Gigabyte, Asus, Coolermaster, Western Digital and most of all Kingston Taiwan) makes me think many times when I am doing a review- but I still do it anyways.

They were testing MSI Stealth PC chassis when they found few issues such as spelling mistakes and even improper installation of the Front Panel’s USB ports. But things went ugly when the case caught fire during testing of the second sample they received.


We were baffled by the sight of the smoke emanating from just above the CD/DVD drive. We removed the CD/DVD drive and saw that the Molex power connector to the front panel had caught fire, melted, and scorched the top of the CD/DVD drive. We still were concerned it was a power supply issue, and tested it using a Thermaltake Dr Power II. The power supply passed all tests, and worked fine with the computer outside of the chassis.

Although its most likely a very bad batch (or 1 really mishandled product “damaged” during shipment, as mentioned in the source) BSN is going ahead with the review and will be pointing out more cons and pros of the case.

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