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gigabyte g1 assassin 2

New Zealand customs rips apart a Gigabyte G1 Assassin 2 motherboard

When certain desktop motherboard started making gaming motherboards using designs of bullets, guns and even miniguns, I wondered how difficult it would be to clear customs, especially if you are travelling with it or via shipping.

Now, I know!

New Zealand customs found an image of a gun when they took an x-ray on the Gigabyte G1 Assassin 2. Upon opening the package it was obvious that the chipset heatsink was shaped as a gun, but the customs found it necessary to take a closer look. Maybe a bit too close.

gigabyte g1 assassin 2

During the process of checking, the customs ended up destroying the PCIe x16 slots which already occupied a couple of graphic cards on it by ripping them off from the motherboard. Probably the customs wanted to take a good look at the chipset as the card have been overlapping the gun-themed chipset heatsink, but they didn’t seem to have taken time and effort to see if they remove the card properly.

Whoops!! There goes a good Crossfire/SLI setup capable G1 Assassin 2!

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