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newegg india

Newegg starts shipping hardware to India and Singapore

Newegg has opened up its goodies store for its international buyers and hardware enthusiasts. Countries like India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Singapore can now place orders via Newegg US site.

newegg india

But as one would expect, the shipping cost is very high, especially when certain countries have an additional charge of import duties and taxes. The main advantage is you get the best of components that are not available locally. Additionally, you do not need to use 3rd party shipping services which offer to ship to other countries for purchases made via sites such as Amazon and Newegg. What one will need to take care of is the warranty period. If they can provide pre-testing option for international customers, that may work to an advantage.

It is a no-brainer that locally available products will cost more via Newegg after import duties and taxes unless the same model has an overexaggerated pricing in India. But will they have a real local presence in the country, is something that we’ll need to wait and see.

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