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Next-Gen Nvidia Shield uses a new game controller design

Nvidia Shield likely to appear during CES 2017!

It is expected that the refreshed version of Nvidia Shield Android TV during CES 2017. That might be true as some of its images have been leaked. While there are no specifications mentioned, the images give a good idea about the upcoming device.


According to some reports, the upcoming Nvidia Shield Android TV box can support 4K video, MIMO 802.11 WIFI AC and Low Energy Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connectivity. It was during August 2017 when the FCC passed through Nvidia’s Shield remote design that confirms BT 4.1. The diagrams indicated the new remote design is roughly 25% shorter.

Controller Design

While the box and its TV controller do not look any different from the previous model, the game control has a poly-aesthetic type design and looks to be a bit ergonomic than the previous model. However, this controller does use a touchpad. It is also speculated that this version will have two sizes. Two sizes of what? We don’t know. Luckily CES 2017 is not too far away for more more information should be out.

It is assumed that 2017 Shield will use a similar SoC that will be used in the Nintendo Switch. The price tag is speculated to carry the original’s price tag of $200.

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