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Noctua introduces 3rd gen S12 series case fans

Noctua release three model of its case fans for silent operation: NF-S12A FLX, NF-S12A ULN and NF-12A PWM.



The FLX version comes with 1200/900/700 RPM speed preset and bundled with their low-noise adapters. ULN maintain lower RPM of 800/600 and aimed towards noise-sensitive users. The PWM comes with their proprietary NE-FD1 IC PWM controller which handles automatic speed control between the speeds of 900 to 1200 rpm.

These fans are already released in the market and come with the retail price of EUR 19.90 / U.S.$21.90.

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  1. cables should be flat ribbon and not with thick weave jacket so its easier to hide and reroute around the cases, but the fans are amazing if you want 24/7 operation and you can spend that much money for it. if you want bit cheaper, there are magnetic bearing or ceramic type ball bearing fans..

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