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Noctua NF-S12A ULN/PWM/FLX 120mm Fans Overview

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specifications
  3. Fan Cooling Observations and Idle/load RPM testing
  4. Conclusion
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The bearing of the fans plays an important role irrespective of the cost, followed by the built quality, min/max/average CFM and db. Eventually,the lifespan of the product plays an important role for workloads that one cannot afford to break down. From enthusiasts to the power users, depending on the workload and the money they can spend, cooling becomes one of the priorities, followed by the overall noise.

Many manufacturers use many bearings, and some of them use different marketing lingos for the same bearing type. Best example can be pointed out in an article written by Hardware Secrets about fluid bearing fans. We also now have ‘long lasting’ sleeve bearing fans as well. Noctua has been using their own bearing designs and others eventually followed.

In any case, Noctua maintained their ‘High cost/Higher Built, therefore, higher value’ while providing the highest warranty period on the fans. Its also true that other manufacturers somewhat understood that premium fans are as important as the coolers and cases itself. The last set of fans that was reviewed was the collection of fans from others, including Corsair SP120.

This time it’s the overview of NF-S12A series which have 3 fan types: ULN, FLX and the PWM. Noctua__S12A_004

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