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Noctua NH-C14S C-Type CPU Cooler Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging, Contents and Specifications
  3. Closer Look
  4. Installation Experience and Clearance
  5. Test Bench and Testing Methodology
  6. Temperature Readouts and Observations
  7. Conclusion
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Noctua sent a very good looking CPU cooler- the NH-C14S. This is a C-type CPU cooler which has a top-down airflow design. The CPU cooler can accommodate up to 2x 140 x 140 x 25mm fans, but with a choice of a single fan, you can either mount it towards the top for having high clearance required for tall spreaders and even maybe some sinks on the motherboard (you’ll be surprised). I am keen on reviewing this since this does provide some level of low-profile height with a full-size heatsink design, making it look good even for few small form factor DIY desktop systems.


One comment

  1. Im going to buy this. the heatsinks is pure badass looking and it will look like i am using passive cpu cooler if i use the fan underneath the heatsink. ofc i need it for overclocking too.

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