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Noctua releases NH-U12S and NH-U14S CPU coolers

Noctua releases 2x Single tower CPU coolers: one is NH-U12S which uses NF-F12 120mm fans THE NH-U14S which uses the 140mm NF-A15 fans. Both models are made to maintain a slim design to make sure that the heatsink does not the DIMM slots even with memory modules with tall heatspreaders.



The fin depth in NH-U12S is only 45mm, whereas in NH-U14S is only 52mm. Both are made for currently available CPU sockets, but U14S is specifically tailor-made for LGA 2011 sockets. U12S is said to have further improvements over the very well known NH-U12P-SE2. The NH-U14S comes with a 6x heatpipes and promises to be the most efficient single CPU tower cooler to date.




Just like previous CPU coolers, these will come with NT-H1 Thermal paste and with a very impressive 6 years of warranty period.

NH-U12S is said to be available shortly, but the unit’s retail price of this cooler will be EUR 59.90 and USD 64.90, whereas U14S will cost EUR 69.90 and USD 74.90.


  1. does it comes with extra clips to install second fan for push pull config???

  2. yup. it comes in the separate box with the right-angled screw driver and their thermal paste syringe as shown in the picture above.

  3. Both of them look good.
    Sadly, they won’t be available in India at least for time being.

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