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Noctua provides free mounting kit for Haswell

That one thing you can appreciate from Noctua is that even though their product does command a premium, they always provide a good value. This is not the exception when Noctua provided socket supports in the past for LGA 1366/1156 sockets during the time. Now it is not an exception as Noctua is giving a new NM-i115x mounting kit at additional cost to the existing users. Some of the known Noctua CPU coolers are Haswell-platform ready.

The following coolers can use the newer LGA 1150 mounting kit:

  • NH-C14
  • NH-D14
  • NH-C12P
  • SE14
  • NH-L12
  • NH-L9i
  • NH-U12P SE2
  • NH-U9B SE2

In order to get the NM-i115x kit, you’ll need to provide a proof of purchase of both Noctua CPU cooler and an LGA 115X motherboard or processor. The link for the socket upgrade isn’t put up yet, but Noctua users can keep an eye out over here. Noctua also says that it is available in stores for a low cost. Thumbs up to Noctua for excellent support once again!!!


  1. Can they ship it internationally to any country? i dont mind paying for postal. one thing i love noctua are the backplates.

  2. Well if you check for order form for the previously released sockets, they did say that it would take upto 2 weeks to deliver depending on the country, and they do have a country option. So its all good..

  3. Nice..
    Only if we had active noctua seller in India.

  4. Roshan Ashraf Shaikh

    welll…hopefully pretty soon something maybe worked out…

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