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Nvidia 320.18 WHQL Drivers causes artifacts, stutters

Nvidia released their 320.18 WHQL drivers some time ago, but from next day onwards many users have started reporting that the display driver is the cause of their GPU having stuttering and artefact issue, worse even their GPU being killed. There was also a report of a user whose system with GTX 480 is having series of intermittent system shut down after installing 320.18 display drivers.

Many users have also noted artifacts issue with 320.18 WHQL drivers during gameplay, as such was the case with the system with GTX 660 and playing with BF3.

Report starting pouring in for GTX 570, even causing BSOD. By 26.05.2013, it is confirmed that the drivers are damaging Nvidia GPUs, causing artifacts in games like Bioshock Infinite, Metro: Last Light, BF3 and Assassin’s Creed. One member also posted that 320.18 drivers gave him multiple artifacts and stuttering with GTX 670 during Battlefield 3 gameplay, but had no issue whatsoever when he reverted to 306.97 WHQL driver.



It is not yet confirmed from Nvidia end if that’s the case and judging by people’s post it seems to be a random ‘phenomenon’, at least judging by end user’s update. But in any case, seeing an eventual increase of circumstantial failures but after the driver update is a cause of some concern.

Meanwhile, Nvidia did not make any comment on the forum or officially, yet. Suffice to say that its safe for people should stick to using older drivers for now. For those who are using 320.18 and wish to downgrade the drives, it’s best if you driver sweeper rather than uninstalling and re-installing the older drive.

To be updated regarding the issue, Keep an eye on the GeForce driver forums.


  1. Its not a random phenomenon, I had my computer becoming unresponsive several times with 318.xx and now also with 320.xx . Last Drivers by Nvidia are total crap, I smell sabotage…………

  2. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated! Let’s keep a track on NV and other forums for anything new.

  3. I’m using Geforce GTS 250 (zotac) for 3 years.. yesterday after update my display driver to version 335.28 and running Splinter Cell Conviction for just several seconds,.. suddenly there is weird display on my monitor. No respond even though I press Ctrl+Alt+del.. I can only turn off and restart my PC. Since then my display shows artifacts so I switch to my onboard gpu.

    I’ve played many games included splinter cell for a long time and there was never any problem even if i update to the latest version except 335.28. Maybe i have to buy an AMD (after 15 years using nvidia). Goodbye Nvidia.

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