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Nvidia unveils newer game bundles, ‘coming soon’ for India

Nvidia introduces few new games for some of its desktop and notebook GTX graphic cards. Daylight, a ‘procedurally-generated’ psychological thriller from Zombie studios that will ‘scare the pants off you’ is bundled with GeForce GTX Titan, GTX 780 Ti, 780, 770, 760, 690, 680, 670, 660 Ti and 660 desktop graphic cards.

Other games under ‘Free2Play bundle are Warface, Heroes of Newerth and Path of Exile. Buyers of GeForce GTX 650, 650 Ti, 750, 750 Ti desktop graphic cards and 800M & 700M series based gaming notebook buyers will received an ‘in-game’ currency of $150 and per title will cost $50.

What’s disappointing that at the time of launch, India is not included in the list of countries for both game bundles. It was observed even at the time of AMD game bundle launches, information from the GPU maker and few of its AIB partners was not able to provide confirmed information about the game bundles availability, but the game bundles were made available after some time.

Meanwhile, Nvidia India says that the bundles will be ‘coming soon’ for its Indian buyers, though no timeframe was given so far.

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