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Nvidia fails to release Titan Z GPU, delayed indefinately

The Green GPU team Nvidia wished to release its Titan-Z GPU on 29th, but its nowhere to be found. Neither Nvidia made any official announcements, nor any of its AiB partners released the graphic card, with the exception of a company who said that they will unveil the card ‘soon’, which also went up to smoke as well.


Many agree that this could be because of a price tag of a jaw-dropping $3,000 per card. It was speculated that Nvidia went quiet about this card at the time of release because it couldn’t stand head-to-head with AMD Radeon’s R9 295 X2 flagship powered by two Hawaii XT cores. The Titan Z card is packed with dual GK110 cores paired with 12GB GDDR5 memory. The card also has 5,760 CUDA cores, 8 TFlops of performance. Both the cores will have the base clock of 705MHz.

No official clarification or information given by Nvidia at the time of writing.

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