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Nvidia working on GeForce GTX Titan Ultra?

It has been reported that Nvidia may launch a new GTX Titan with a faster GK110 Processor called TITAN ‘Ultra’. It would be using a fully equipped GK110 GPU with probably 2880 CUDA cores, although there is a doubt if Nvidia would be planning to increase the memory space and bring some changes in the card’s interface width. But the theory is that it would use 950MHz Clock speed and 3500MHz memory speed.

The below are the estimated specs and the time frame for the launch of the GPU:

It has also been pointed out that some websites even named “GeForce GTX Titan Ultra” or “TITAN II” who also said that Nvidia would at some point decide to launch such cards.  As said above, the TITAN Ultra would be using a full GK110 GPU.

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