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Nvidia GeForce Titan Black Edition online listing spotted!

A listing of Nvidia GeForce Black Edition graphic card was found on a Finland based online retail site ‘Multitronic webshop’. The card’s manufacturer was Asus, though the retailer did not put up any images of it. The listed read “Asus GTX Titan 6GB PCI-E Black” with product code “GTXTITANBLACK-6GD5” with  €789.44 before VAT. According to the source, the card would be launched in 2-3 weeks however Nvidia and its AIB partners are waiting to clear their older Titan card stock.
The listing pointed out that the card is using GK110 core with 6GB memory and full-double-precision floating point GPGPU performance. The source also named 4 more cards that will be launched soon:

  •     GeForce GTX TITAN BLACK Edition 6GB, GK110, 2880 CUDAs
  •     GeForce GTX 790 6GB, 2xGK110, 2x 2496/2880 CUDAs
  •     GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB, GK106 (GM106), 960 CUDAs
  •     GeForce GTX 750 1GB, GK107 (GM107), 384 CUDAs


GeForce GTX 790 6GB features 2x GK110 GPU with TDP below 300w. a price tag of about US$1,400 and was listed in a Russian online retailer.

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