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Info about Nvidia GK210, GM200 and GP100 leaked

A research paper was found which contained information about upcoming Nvidia GPU cores, namely Kepler based GK210, Maxwell-based GM200 and Pascal-based GP100 cores. Unlike certain information that usually comes from a third party usually originating from Chinese sources, this information came from Nvidia directly.

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The research papers were written by researchers from the Institute of Space Science and Astronomy in Malta, the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research in Australia, the Oxford University in the UK and Nvidia via Los Angeles.

Along with the research that was mostly about GTX 750 TI AND Tesla K40, a release table for the future cores wasI listed:

GPU Architecture FLOPS / Watt Timeline
GK110 12 Current
GK210 14 Summer 2014
GM200 25 End of 2014
GP100 35 Beginning of 2016

According to the timeline, GK210’s launch is not too far away. The green team would be releasing the Maxwell-based GM200 GPU core before the end of this year, whereas GP100 is set for early 2016 launch.

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