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Nvidia GRID used to play Boderlands 2 via Ouya Console

Nvidia was showing off their GRID cloud computing servers which will be used to render 3D games then stream it on any devices via wired or wireless. The rendering will be done in a central location with high powered system responsible for graphics processors.

A taste of it was given in a demo featuring Ouya, a low cost Android gaming console. While Ouya doesn’t have graphic processing power enough to render such games, it shows that with Nvidia GRID, it can stream high quality and low latency practically any game irrespective of the devices.

While it does look in demonstration, imagine the massive ability of rendering power it will require massive power to render multiple games played by multiple people irrespective of the location, not to mean low latency connection which can handle such load (depending on the game and hardware requirement it needs to render good quality).


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