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Nvidia GTX 780M benchmarks shows impressive boosts

Nvidia’s GTX 780M was recently benchmark, and it made a very good impression. It being pointed that the GeForce GTX 780M will be using Nvidia’s GK104 GPU, similar to Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 780.

The new GPU core comes with 122w TDP, and 771 MHz core clock and 1250MHz memory clock, therefore it comes with the higher clock than the GTX 680 M.

The specification of the notebook are as follows, and compared with GTX 680M and GTX 660 Ti desktop GPU:
gtx 780m

3DMark 11 Performance Preset, 3DMark Vantage Entry Preset, Battlefield 3 and Alan Wake was used to put up the benchmark results:




The benchmarks show that GTX 780 has 30% boost in performance in comparison with GTX 680 M. There is a little bit of an advantage over GTX 660 Ti when considering BF3’s Medium preset and 3DMark Vantage’s Entry Preset benchmarks. Both GTX 660 Ti and 780 M stays head-to-head with high preset with 4x AA in Alan Wake Benchmark.

But 2 points needed to be noted: since these are GPU for notebooks, one will have to wonder how much will notebooks with GTX 780 M would cost, and would AMD have an advantage over the GTX 780 M when it comes to pricing on the end product.

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