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Nvidia GTX 980’s Reference design and other information ‘leaked’

Seeing the influx of Nvidia GeForce GTX 9xx series is piling up on a daily basis, it looks to be a no-brainer to assume that Game24 is the time Nvidia will be launching worldwide.

However, knowing the amount of information at hand, there’s nothing really to forward to- except the ‘official’ launch and the GPU reviews and analysis from the respected tech review websites- as always. Anyways, Its assumed that Nvidia will be releasing its GTX 970 and GTX 980 GPU on 19th September.

At first, Nvidia’s GTX 980 reference was leaked, although its AiB partners showed-off its non-reference designs well-before Nvidia did. What’s new is that the reference design includes a backplate (looks more like a plastic shroud) along with Nvidia’s reference cooler that’s been around since GTX Titan. The PCB shows that the GPU is holding 8x memory chips, therefore confirming the use of 256-bit GDDR5 interface.

The GeForce GTX 980 is based on Nvidia GM204 GPU core that uses Maxwell architecture. The reference design is based on 4+1 VRM design, and it takes power from 2x 6-pin PCIe power connector.Apart from that, it will feature 2,048 CUDA cores spread through 16 streaming multiprocessor units. Nvidia GeForce GTX 980’s TDP is 175W.

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As far as connectors are concerned, Nvidia is pushing DisplayPort connectivity by providing three of them on the GTX 980. The other connectivity options are HDMI 2.0 and dual-link DVI.

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