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Nvidia to launch GTX Titan GPU by March

A source reveals information that Nvidia India will be launching a card by the first week of March. Its also being said that GeForce Titan that will be sold in India will be only done by Asus and Zotac.

Another part that a source told me is that the card is going to be priced at Rs. 68,000/-. It is not confirmed how many cards will be available in India, or if it is going to have limited stocks. In any case, for those looking out to buy one from India, you’ll have to wait and be ready to throw in a lot of money.

Stay tuned if any updates come by!

Edit 1 (22.02.13): Update: MSI and Zotac have quickly sent a mail that they will be selling GTX Titan too. MSI India confirmed that the stocks of reference model NTITAN-6GD5 will arrive by late March but Zotac did not confirm about the availability time-frame just yet, but Zotac did confirm that the card will cost Rs. 68,499/- whereas MSI didn’t mention the MRP yet.

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