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Nvidia Pascal

Nvidia may showcase Pascal GPUs in May

It’s a known fact that Nvidia will be showing off its Pascal architecture based graphic cards within this year. The rumour that’s circling around is that the card will be called as the ‘GTX 1080’, and it would be using the upcoming GP104 core with 8GB VRAM. It should be noted that the naming scheme is not confirmed, at least not yet.

Nvidia Pascal

Nvidia Pascal architecture uses 16nm FinFET process and supposedly it offer double the performance-per-watt and the upcoming flagship card will be taking additional power from a single 8-pin PCIe power connector. What’s not certain is the choice of RAM- whether it would be using HBM 2 or GDDR5- or GDDR5X, at the very least for the flagship model.  It is expected that the GTX 1080 will be using a 256-bit memory controller. The choice of outputs would be  DVI, HDMI and two Display Ports.

According to sources, the GTX 1080 will be coming by May, followed by another Pascal-based card called GTX 1070 which is assumed to use GP104 core as well. These GPU cores will be manufactured by TSMC.

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