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Nvidia providing PhysX support for Xbox One

Nvidia announced that it will be providing PhysX and Apex SDKs for Microsoft’s upcoming gaming console- Xbox One.

Nvidia went on saying in their press release that Nvidia’s APIs are designed to run on a variety of CPU architectures and can be accelerated by any CUDA Architecture enabled Nvidia GPU: GeForce 8 Series or Higher. PS3 and Xbox 360 also have PhysX SDK implementation as well.

Before everyone is stunned and question why Nvidia doesn’t implement this on PC, It should be noted that both API’s hardware acceleration is different. PhysX’s hardware acceleration needs CUDA core to run, whereas the SDK is calculated by the CPU.

As a refresher to the old memories, back in 2008 (AMD Radeon was known as ATI back then) there was a talk of A, I having CUDA driver, but that would mean that ATI would have to get a license from Nvidia which means that they would make less money on the GPU when shipped. But also, back then ATI believed that OpenCL was the future and preferred to partner with Havok for physics instead as they believed that it was superior than PhysX’s hardware acceleration, and they’ve been very open and collaborative with the company.

NVIDIA Cover Art

Then again, ATI was waiting for a call from Nvidia rather than the other way around, as pointed out over here.

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