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Nvidia working on Quadro K6000 Graphics card

For the consumers, Nvidia introduced Tesla K20 series and GeForce GTX Titan graphic cards which are based on GK110 GPU core. But its been said that the company is working on a professional-grade Quadro K6000 graphics card using Nvidia’s high-performance graphics processor.

As of now, the latest Quadro cards are powered up by Nvidia’s Kepler architecture ad the cards are aimed towards entry-level, mid-range and high-end workstations. The graphics chip maker is still offering Quadro 6000 series card viz. based on Fermi for ultra high-end workstations. Therefore to complete its Kepler lineup in the Quadro series, it is reported that Nvidia is most likely to make plans to roll out Quadro K6000 graphic cards in the near future.

The main advantage that K600 will have over the Fermi-based Quadro K5000 and 6000 is a much higher performance advantage for professional applications, but also since it comes with an improved count of stream processors and geometry engines, it is expected that there would be a 100% which many professionals will appreciate. The price for the K6000 is something one couldn’t speculate, but it should be priced in the range of $2,500 and $4,000.

Nothing is known about the card, except that is supposed to be based on its GK110 processor with some computing units and memory controllers switched off. The card is expected to feature 2496 processor with 320-bit memory bus.

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