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Nvidia teases its GeForce Titan collector’s edition

Pascal or Volta? GeForce Titan X? Titan Y? Titan XYZ? Titan LTD??

Nvidia is teasing its upcoming GeForce Titan as a collectors edition via its social media network. Apart from that, there’s no real information about it. It is just a 13-second hoo-ha. This might be a higher spec Pascal based GeForce Titan XP. The standard version runs on 3,840 CUDA cores with up to 1582 boost clock and 12GB GDDR5X memory via the 384-bit bus and 547.7 GB/s bandwidth. Notice a small ring within the fan shroud (a finger guard?). You’ll also notice the shrouds with a choice of green and red LEDs opposite to each other.

The heart may bleed red!

What is interesting is what’s mentioned in one of the other review websites. The Volta based Titan (likely to be called as GeForce GTX Titan V) graphics card will be shown in GTC 2018. We’ll just have to wait, but it makes sense. Post AMD Radeon Vega launch, the news did circulate about Nvidia pushing its Volta launch to 2018 and pushed out GTX 1070 Ti instead.

People do wish if Nvidia simply starts releasing Volta based graphics cards instead. But people wish for a lot of things, and the world is not always fair!

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Nvidia teases its GeForce Titan collector’s edition from hardware