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NZXT H500 Vault Boy PC Chassis Review

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Disclosure: the H500 Vault Boy PC case is loaned by NZXT.

About NZXT H500 and its Vault Boy

This the special variant from NZXT- the H500 Vault Boy Limited Edition where they’ve made 1,000 units of these. Apart from the Fallout 4 theme, it is the H500 essentially. This is a compact mid-tower PC case. NZXT started making case for a while- and I owned one of them imported from Directron- the NZXT Nemesis Elite Edition. Fun times!

The H500 does not have a front panel ventilation. While I appreciate its minimalistic design, many would love to see NZXT cases providing front mesh for direct airflow. While this will always be a subject of debate depending on the case and the build (and the user’s preference), NZXT cases are preferred by multiple system builders. PCPartsPicker lists its white and black variant right on the top, with maximum number of 5 stars votes for the Fractal Meshify-C.


The NZXT H500 Vault Boy has two-layered packagings! Posh!

NZXT did do a good job with the Fallout themed packaging, enough that the box itself out be a collector’s item for diehard fans. Too bad Fallout 76’s start was very inauspicious to say the very least.

The internal packaging is nothing out of the ordinary. Regardless its enough to protect the case till its taken out of the box. This is even more important for a PC case which uses glass sidepanels. Additional cardbox does wonders.


Along with the usual screws, NZXT provided the front panel header adapter, small but adequate cable ties, an instruction manual and a Fallout Vault themed magnetic base headset hanger which is made of rubber. You can even hide away the cables underneath its groove. Noice!


Dimensions W: 210 mm H: 460 mm D: 428mm
Material(s) SGCC Steel, ABS Plastic, Tempered Glass
Weight 6.8kg
Motherboard Support ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
I/O Ports 2x USB 3.1 Gen1
Type A 1x Audio/Mic
Filters Right side panel, Bottom front, Bottom rear
Expansion Slots 7
Drive Bays 2.5″: 2+1
3.5″: 2+1
Radiator Support Front: Up to 280mm
Rear 1x 120mm
Fan Support Front: 2×120 / 1x 140mm
Top 1x 120 / 1x 140mm (1 AER F120 Case Version included)
Rear: 1x 120mm (1 AER F120 Case Version included)
Fan Specs Aer F120 (Case Version)
Speed: 1200± 200RPM
Airflow: 50.42 CFM
Noise: 28 dBA
Bearing: Rifle Bearing
Clearance CPU Cooler: Up to 165mm
GPU Clearance: Up to 381mm
Front Radiator: 60mm
Rear Radiator: 60mm
Cable Management: 19-23mm
Warranty 2 Years
Model Number CA-H500B-VB
EAN 5060301694860
UPC 815671014566

I would have liked to see the newer variants of PC cases to be update with USB 3.1 Gen 2 FP ports. The case is just as light as any typical mid-tower ATX steel-made PC Chassis of such class. The case provides 1x 120/140 and 240mm radiator installation towards the front panel and 120mm towards the rear. While the top panel does have 120mm fan mounts, because of the thickness of a 120mm radiator plus its fans- and VRM heatsinks on the motherboard (from low profile heatsinks to obnocious bald-eagle winged plastic doohickey) with the limited clearence withtin the case, that wouldn’t be possible.

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