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NZXT introduces Grid Fan Hub for upto 10 fans

NZXT introduced an accessory for hassle-free setup of case fan with up to 10 channel support a low profile casing with white LED called Grid. It measures 56 x 42 x 16mm, weighs no more than 54gms and comes in a matte black Plastic enclosure.


The fan hub comes with a Molex-to-3-pin adapter, followed by a 3-pin female-to-female adapter, 2x 200mm cable extensions and 5x zip ties. It uses a ‘dual lock’, however it is not clear how the mounting works since the online manual is throwing a 404 error at the time of writing (maybe it uses zip ties? This is speculation, mind you), but its good that someone has a made an add-on for cases where you can connect all the case fans one would use at most will have it in a central location.

This seems to ‘inspired’ by the fan hub integrated into the Switch 810 and Phantom 630 cases. This is a very useful aftermarket tool as its role is usually fulfilled by a more expensive 5.25″ bay controllers. NZXT might use this concept to branch out towards hubs with other options, such as RGB strips or larger set of daisy-chaining fans.

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