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OCZ relabeled Panasonic SSDs makes a silent intro in Japan

panasonic_ssd_1Panasonic SSDs were spotted in Japan and have 120GB, 240GB and 480GB storage variants. These drives were found to use OCZ Indilinx Barefoot M10 controller and performance numbers that matches with OCZ Vertex 460 solid state drives. They also use Toshiba’s 19nm MLC NAND.

OCZ is now owned by Toshiba, but the company did not make any announcement about having its existing models sold by Panasonic. Toshiba also didn’t announce if they will start selling its Indilinx controllers to other brands, especially to its known competitors in the past.

Its speculated that either Toshiba wants to know the potential of sales by selling it to brands such as Panasonic, or Panasonic had a surplus of OCZ drives that they couldn’t sell it with their notebook and made a retail kit out of it. These Panasonic branded SSDs were quietly introduced in Japan and sold as ‘Premium’ lineup. The Panasonic drives are accompanied with desktop upgrade kit which usually comes with a software and 3.5″ tray for desktop PCs.

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