Onboard Audio Component Overview: Gigabyte G1 Sniper 5

  1. Introduction
  2. Specifications and Images
  3. Audio Performance Analysis and Conclusion

This is only a review of the audio capabilities of the Gigabyte G1 Sniper 5 motherboard based on the Intel Z87 chipset.

Unfortunately, our sample board has memory compatibility and intermittent instability issues irrespective of the kits we’ve paired it with and the settings/XMP profiles. It made things worse when Gigabyte India refused to provide another replacement for the chip and/or the motherboard to verify/confirm the issue on the actual sample. Sadly the time was wasted on this motherboard, but on the bright side I was able to test the audio capabilities. G1 Sniper 5 emphasizes on the audio aspect, so it makes sense to at least cover a part of it. Mind you that we’ve also updated the bios of the motherboard as well (F7 version at the time of writing) but unfortunately that did not have any effect on the stability of the motherboard.

So we will be only publishing the audio part of the review as this motherboard has a Core 3D quad core sound processor from Creative along with Creatives entire audio software stack from their Recon 3D sound cards.

Also included is a headphone amplifier capable of driving almost any headphone on the market and in a first they make use of swappable OPAMPs on an onboard solution to further tweak the sound. OPAMP swapping is reserved only for Creatives highest sound card – the Creative Zxr.

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  1. if a brand like gigabyte can’t replace a motherboard for india’s leading review site, then how can they not do it for customers??

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