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Origin providing Titanfall on PC free for two days straight!


Origin just made an announcement that its providing the full game version of Titanfall on PC for free for a period of two days. Origin also assures that this will be available worldwide, and if it doesn’t reflect in your territory yet, it will ‘soon’.

A lot gamers however jumped the gun without reading the latest news and complained that the large game files will take a very long time to download even in countries with higher internet download speed, let alone getting access to play for two days straight. However, Origin clearly stated that the ‘two-days’ time limit for free Titanfall gameplay doesn’t start until you launch the game after downloading it via Origin. That should be fair enough. Origin said in their post:

“For Titanfall you’re getting 48 full hours of Pilot/Titan action. It’s the entire game. The Origin Game Time clock begins the moment you start the game for the first time, and ticks down in realtime. Whether you’re fighting your friends or taking a break, the Game Time clock will continue to run.”

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