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PCI-SIG lists AMD 400 series motherboards

With the news of upcoming Ryzen 2 series CPUs comes with the news of the new motherboard’s chipsets. Though as of now, there is no date confirmation for AMD’s new Ryzen 2 platform, its 400 series motherboard chipsets have appeared on the PCI-SIG integrator’s list.

What is to be expected from Ryzen refresh?

It would be obvious that AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 2 CPUs and  400 series chipsets will provide SKUs at better clock speeds, memory support for higher DDR4 frequency. It is expected to see Ryzen 2 platform to use AM4, though it’s too early to expect any vice-versa compatibility between these two Ryzen generations. Would AMD do what Intel with Intel where Kaby Lake needs a new chipset to work remains to be seen? If backward compatibility with AMD 300 series is not possible for whatever reason, AMD Ryzen 2 platform and its 400 series chipsets will be out at the same time.

Since its a refresh, one shouldn’t expect a significant change in architecture and performance. But another factor comes in, including updates, improvements, and maybe newly implemented features. Intel did the same and since AMD is doing it, it is a good sign. One improvement is noticed as per specs.

The question remains when it would come, though the rumours of its Q1 2018 launch lingers in the air!

PCI-SIG lists AMD 400 series motherboards from hardware

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