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Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 benchmarks leaked

It was being told earlier that GTX 770 was nothing more than a tweaked GeForce GTX 680 since its being told that the card is based on GK 104 core with 1536 CUDA cores. The card uses 256-bit Bus interface. One of the members in the Chinese based Tech forum known to put up benchmarks and others screenshots have put more information about this card.

The source pointed out the benchmark was done with the stock version PCB design and that it’s being assembled on the ITX form-factor case Lian Li Q28. It also pointed out that while on idle both cards idle at 127.7~128.7w, on load GTX 770 consumes up to 320.7 w, whereas GTX 680 consumes 298.7 w. The following is the benchmark and comparison with GTX 680:

GTX 770GTX 680
3DMark FireStrike3,5353,150
3DMark FireStrike Performance Preset7,0786,331
3DMark 11 Extreme Preset3,8403,411
3DMark 11 Performance Preset10,6939,777
Far Cry 3 (1920×1080)70.9 FPS79.8 FPS
Crysis 3 (1920×1080)42.9 FPS39.1 FPS
Tomb Raider (1920×1080)87.3 FPS78.3 FPS


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