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PlayStation 4 launch date listed in the U.S. and U.K.

During E3 2013 when Sony advertised the console’s price to be $399, didn’t give a clear launch date, rather said ‘Holiday 2013’. Since PlayStation 4 seems to have become the most favoured next-generation console over Xbox One due to its stand to let people use pre-owned games (unless the game developer chooses not to do so) and no mandatory requirement for the gaming console to function.

But an advertisement clipping in a British newspaper ‘The Sun’ shows that PlayStation 4 would be launching in November 21st at the very least in the UK.

BestBuy’s pre-order page lists the release date as 30th, November, whereas Sony, Amazon, Target and Frys lists the launch date as 31st November. At the very least in North America and in Europe, Sony intends to have their consoles readily available by the end of November 2013.

Hopefully, the retail stores have enough stock and stable supplies from Sony to take care of massive pre-orders, considering that majority of the people prefer PlayStation 4 over Xbox One for more flexibility it offers as a game console.


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