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AMD 7000 Series XFX Rashi

Rashi launches XFX Radeon 7000 series in India

Yesterday night, the good folks from XFX and Rashi peripherals launched and AMD Radeon 7000 GPU. I don’t have the price list with me, nor sure which cards have they launched since there wasn’t a system setup/GPUs being displayed. But for the curious they have 2 of the AMD 7970 graphics cards’ Heatsink unit on the display:

Not sure which model they’re releasing nor there was an actual setup, but after checking out the XFX’s U.s. portal I was pretty sure the HSF belonged to either 2 of the 7970 GPUs (enclosure from the other end of the card narrowed it with 7950/7970 but according to the product shots you could clearly see the copper HSF plate that can be seen from the sides). My bad for not seeing the side of the HSF to be sure.

GPU Clock 1000 MHz 925 MHz
Memory Bus 384 bit 384 bit
Memory Clock 5.7 GHz 5.5 GHz
Memory Size 3 GB 3 GB
Memory Type DDR5 DDR5
AMD Eyefinity Technology Y Y
AMD HD3D Technology Y Y
AMD – CrossFire ready Y Y
Max Supported Resolution (ANALOG) 2048 x 1536 2048 x 1536
Max Supported Resolution (DIGITAL) 2560 x 1600 2560 x 1600
Output – DL-DVI-I 1 1
Output – HDMI 1 1
Output – mini DP 2 2
Dual link Support Y Y
Display Port ready 1.2 1.2
HDMI Ready 1.4a 1.4a
Card Dimension (inch) 10.8 x 4.4 x 1.5 10.8 x 4.4 x 1.5
Package Weight (Kg) 1.47 est. 1.47 est.
Thermal Solution HD7970 MBA Ghost Dual fan sink HD7970 MBA Ghost Dual fan sink
Thermal Type Dual slot Dual Slot
Promotional Bundles PSU Cross Marketing Insert PSU Cross Marketing Insert
Quick Installation Guide 1 1
XFX Serial Number Door Hanger 1 1
XFX BE badge 1 1
CrossFire Bridge 1 1
Installation CD with Multi-Language User Guide 1 1
External Power – External Power – 6-Pin x1 and 8-Pin PCI-E power x1 6-Pin x1 and 8-Pin PCI-E power x1
Minimum Power Supply Requirement: 500 watt 500 watt

By default, black edition refers to OC version with an extra factory bump of 75MHz on the GPU’s clock speed and .2GHz bump on the memory clock, but judging by the website it looks like BE is coming with the same HSF as the Double Dissipation edition, but I’ll need to confirm that.

Other than that, for those who are not sure, XFX has displayed a couple of PSU (450w and 550W Pro Series) and the warpad.

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