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How do we award products?

Awards are given to those products those products that manage to stand out from the rest of the products. But, it’s also important to point out good products out of the bunch for those same people! For our H/W reviews, the conclusion contains:

  • Pros and Cons
  • Award/Badge

The Award and Badge System are as follows:


Bronze Award: Bronze Award will be given for those H/W that we believe its the best you can get for the price you pay for at the time of writing that particular review. It may not be the ‘best’ or ‘top of the line’, but it’s not expensive either. If its good for the money that you pay for, that earns the Bronze Award

Silver Award: The Silver Award is given for products that have a special characteristic that deserves to be noted: Solid Built Quality, Excellent Performance, Best Feature List. That said, the other aspects of the H/W also needs to be balanced at the same time, with cons that would affect either a certain type of users.

Gold Award: Gold Award is given to those products that exceed our expectations and raises that bar to a new level! The product is the best you can get no questions asked and the cons are something that wouldn’t really bother you.

BADGE 2015

There are products that are pretty good but don’t really meet the standards above. We do have ‘Recommended to Shortlist‘ badge in case you need an alternative solution for many reasons- availability of other products and good local service reputation are two of them. But then there are products that are REALLY bad, and should be avoided at all costs. To help you blacklist such products from recommended choices, we have the ‘Not Recommended‘ badge.

We hope brands take ‘Not Recommended’ tags seriously, and hopefully will correct the issues with a newer revision or with future products. For a lot of reasons, both users and manufacturers would appreciate this.