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Razer Imperator Expert 2012 Edition Gaming Mouse Review

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  2. Packaging and Specifications
  3. Initial Impressions and User Experience
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Razer, Steelseries and Logitech are making gaming mouses for a very long time. Each company has their own history best selling hardware in the pas and in the present. Razer did it with the first DeathAdder and Logitech did it nicely starting from MX500 and then continuing to MX518. What makes them sell? Out of the box usability that satisfies a lot of users with certain preferences.

Most of the gaming mouses are made for right handed users. Few mouses (as referred to A lot of people deemed it as a con but its more depending on the preference. Some people soft grip on the mouse, whereas many prefer the plain Jane finish. Some prefer small whereas some prefer large. Some want light weight and some prefer it to be bit heavier. Some gamers prefer mouse where sensitivity can be controlled easily even without the firmware, whereas many don’t need anything more than Left, right and centre scroll click. Its very difficult to make a mouse that satisfies everyone. But yeah, it should be possible to satisfy most of the people with such preference. Top it up with a great built quality, good lifespan track record that people usually talk in the forums, with good enough warranty support and price: you got yourself a winner!

The 2012 Edition of Razer Imperator is a gaming mouse and like all gaming mouse its gives an impression that its made to try to satisfy a lot of such gamers. Keeping that in mind, lets see how she does.

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