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Rosewill RHTS-8206 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

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Coming to the actual performance, there were three broad categories to test – music, games and movies.

Music – Now this headphone costs just $47 on Amazon and its targeting primarily for gamers. In fact, I haven’t heard too many regular headphones costing around $50 that sounded very nice. However one of my favourite budget headphones – The Koss Portapro also retails for a similar price point.

So frankly as someone who likes to listen to music primarily on headphones, I wasn’t expecting much of the Rosewill at all!

That said I was VERY surprised when I first heard them. They sounded darn good for the price. To make doubly sure that I wasn’t imagining all this I decided to test it with the Koss Porta Pros that I still love.

Now the Portapros are very nice for the price. Lots of bass and an overall very fun sound. However, the Rosewill simply sounds better! The bass is not as heavy as the Portapros but the Portapros sound rather boomy. The Rosewill has more than enough bass to satisfy a lot of people and the bass is of good quality to boot. In addition, the Rosewill sounds far more spacious than the Portapros which have an in your face kinda sound. Mids and treble are also slightly better on the Rosewill which means it was a Total KO for the Portapros. It’s a pity though that the Rosewill can’t be connected to a portable player like an iPod as it necessarily needs a PC or a MAC. (No XBOX 360 support either).

Movies – While the Rosewill IS a true 5.1 gaming headphone it’s still a headphone and frankly, it simply cannot compete with even a budget 5.1 speaker system for movies. It gives a decent performance but a 5.1 speaker system will always sound better in movies.

Games – Now while a Speaker system can give you a sense of space, it’s not really required in most games and frankly I quite enjoyed using these headphones for whatever games I played. The headline vibration feature works and can be quite satisfying in many games. Plus there are two levels to choose from or you can switch it off altogether.

The bundled software has the basic EQ settings along with DSP effects. It has a lot of configuration options which was quite a nice touch.

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