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ROTR update includes DX 12, VXAO, in-game benchmark

The Rise of the Tomb Raider gets a Patch #5 version 1.0.638.6. What’s noteworthy is that this patch has two major implementations. The first includes DX12 support, provided you are using Windows 10 which is the only OS that supports DirectX 12, and a DX 12 compatible graphic card. It is recommended by Square Enix that the end user should preferably with the latest GPU drivers for better DX12 performance and stability.

Rise-of-the-Tomb-RaiderThe second update is the addition of Nvidia VXAO Ambient Occlusion Technology, which is specifically made for Nvidia Maxwell graphic cards. However, for now, this is available only via Steam. Other updates include a fix for HBAO and other Ambient occlusion issues, motion blur issues with Stereoscopic 3D mode and various other optimizations. It should be noted that I did have the infamous ‘Konstantine fight bug’ until Patch #4. It’s been some time since Microsoft was bragging about DX 12. The question remains- how much of it is taken advantage of in ROTR. 

The updates for this game purchased via Windows 10 store will take a while to roll out.

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