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Rumour Mill: Nvidia G-Sync to be exclusive for Asus until late 2014

Nvidia G-Sync was showcased some time ago as a solution for screen tearing and and stuttering. It includes a hardware built into the monitors which will correct the issues on a hardware and software level. However it was recently being reported that this will be exclusive to Asus, at least until late 2014.

It was noted that the news isn’t officially confirmed and most likely could be a rumour. But as of now, only Asus announced the screen with Nvidia G-Sync, VG248QE with a price tag of approx. 300 euros. One can only assuming that this information couldn’t turn out to be true, as this would stifle the wide use of a useful solution for a long time, therefore Nvidia’s loss unless Asus paid a lot of money to do something to keep on hold temporarily.

This also contradicts what Nvidia had said via their official channels:

If you’re as excited by NVIDIA G-SYNC as we are and want to get your own G-SYNC monitor, here’s how. Early next year, G-SYNC monitors from ASUS, BenQ, Phillips and ViewSonic will be available direct from the shelves of retailers and e-tailers. If you can’t wait, G-SYNC modules will be winging their way to professional modders who will install them into ASUS VG248QE monitors, rated by press and gamers as one of the best gaming panels available.

Even so, Nvidia pointed out that the G-Sync kit will be available for purchase, and that it can be modded on an Asus VG248QE monitor. The changes that would happen after the modification are as follows:


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