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SanDisk acquired SMART storage systems for $307 Million

It looks like SanDisk is looking forward to be one of the names in the enterprise storage SSD markets. On Tuesday, the company known to make many Flash based storage drives and SSDs for consumers has now acquired an enterprise storage SSD maker SMART Storage systems for a whopping $307 Million.

SMART Storage’s areas of expertise are on data centers, so it will be interesting to see how SanDisk progress in that market. This will be an upper hand for SanDisk considering that it can combine SAS products with its products and even have top storage OEM qualifications. SMART is known to use ‘Guardian Technology’ which makes the NAND more durable and reliable. SMART’s products are known to be used mainly for cloud deployments, industrial and defense industries.

Last quarter the company made $25 Million in sales, so this is a very wise acquisition but also its a massive step for SanDisk.



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