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Sapphire evaluates AMD Radeon HD 9970 ‘Curacao XT’ graphic cards with few clients

It is reported that Sapphire Technologies has now started evaluating the next generation AMD Radeon HD 9970 ‘Curacao XT’ graphics card by sending pre-production samples to selected customers. Unlike previous card, this upcoming flagship graphic card from AMD Radeon will be using an advanced PCB.

It is also being said that the pre-production sample uses 12 layer PCB with 7 different kinds of cooling solution to further test which would be perfect for the card.

This news came from a Chinese based forum chiphell where most of the news and rumours in the past are well known to be true on almost all counts. So far the reports state the card would feature 2304 stream processors, 144 texture unit and 284 bit memory controller.

So far, it is known that HD 9970 ‘Curacao XT’ reference version of the graphic card will be using 2x cooling fans and take power from 8 pin and 6 pin PCIe connector and CrossfireX connector which supports 2 way, 3 way and 4 way Crossfire setup. It is also been known that the card will be using many heatpipes as the card consumes a lot of power, and also it is speculated that the card’s TDP is a massive 250W.

It is believed that the graphic cards with cores codenamed ‘Curacao’ and ‘Hainan’ will be based on 28nm fab process as always made by TSMC.


Speaking of Hainan which comes under ‘Sea Islands’ GPU family, it is speculated to have 1792 stream processors, 112 texture units and uses 256-bit steam controller.

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