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Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB USB 3.0 Drive Review

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  4. AS SSD Benchmark
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For a 4TB portable drive, it is pretty quick. Mind you, this is the first 4TB portable drive that’s tested here so far. The reads are very impressive, and the writes are pretty good, with the performance standing around single-platter 1TB drives. The built quality of the drive is decent, however I would have prefer a more solid build quality considering the amount of data it can store, and that it would be more concerning for a consumer.

But if you need a lot of space and portability, this is pretty much what’s there. The issue is Seagate’s decision to choose RAID 0.  For those who don’t know, the main disadvantage of RAID 0 if one of the two drives fails, there will be a total data loss in exchange for performance. The user is allowed to change RAID (or JBOD) configuration either, which even puts a user in a very risky situation.

Which is the main reason why I am not giving any ratings. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good performer. Its just that RAID 0 on a portable drive which is usually used as a backup doesn’t really give me the confidence to recommend this to everyone. Weigh the pros against the cons for your use, and then decide whether or not its worth the effort. Note the name of the product- “Backup”. I am really confused with Seagate’ decision to use pre-configured RAID 0 setup for a portable solution. Restricting the drive to RAID 0 with no option to change it is not something that customers will be comfortable with. At least, give the choice to the user what kind of RAID setup he wants! Seagate could have provided that options via Seagate Dashboard, provided its possible to do with the existing units via the software. If you need speed more than capacity, portable SSD drives as a solution is something you can look at!

The drive carries three-year warranty irrespective of which country you’re from.

The another issue is more ‘local’. In India, it costs Rs. 20,750/-. This is about US $341 at the time of writing. That’s insane. You’re getting this in the U.S. for $150 at the time of writing, which translates to Rs. 9,124. Ouch!!!!

India U.S. U.K.
Rs. 20,750/- $249.99 £196.76
  • Good speeds, especially for reads
  • 4TB
  • No adapter required for powering up the drive
  • RAID 0 carries risks that would discourage many users to purchase
  • Seagate Dashboard doesn’t have the option to change the RAID configuration
  • Local price (India) is insanely priced
  • Casing should be lot stronger considering it houses 2x mechanical HDDs

The performance is good. 4TB on a single portable drive with no additional power brick is also something to look at. But you have to ask if RAID 0 solution for a portable drive is a safe solution, considering portables are to carry data around. The inability to choose from other RAID/JBOD option by the user is also concerning.

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